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Sightseeing Place in Dandeli Forest

Dandeli is a small town situated in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Surrounded by the dense deciduous forests of the Western Ghats, Dandeli is a renowned adventure sports destination in South India. There are some good sight seeing spot near Dandeli forest and in the sanctuary. Yet for every year there are more than enough to come back and do the same thing all over again. Watching birds and animals in their natural habitats is an experience which you will never forget in your life. The city offers immense opportunities for sight seeing.

Kavala Cave

Kavala Caves also called as Limestone caves is located 25 km away from Dandeli. The caves was formed due to volcanic activity ages back and are situated deep with-in the Dandeli forest. The caves are very small in dimension and have a lot of stalagmite formations. There is a particular huge stalagmite, which is revered by the local people as a Shivlinga. During Shivaratri there is huge influx of devotees who come and light sacrificial fires inside.

Kavala Cave in Dandeli
Syntheri Rock

Syntheri Rock
is located 32 Kms from form the Dandeli city. It is a 300ft tall monolith of granite located deep inside the thick Dandeli forest. With the Kaneri River gushing ferociously by its side, the Syntheri Rock is a spectacular sight. You can see hollow places on the rock which are the effects of erosion here. You can also see large hives of rock bees literally clinging to the rocks.

Syntheri Rock in Dandeli Forest
Ulavi Temple

The temple of Channabasavanna faces the east. In front of the temple there is a spacious lake.  The lake is filled with lotus flowers and hence very attractive.  Devotees coming from different parts of the country, take a dip in the holy waters and are absolved of all their sins and impurities. On the Samadhi is placed the  face of Nandi.  To the left is Sangameshwar, to the right Mallikarjuna and to the right of Mallikarjuna is Basavanna. 
Ulavi temple Dandeli
Supa Dam

Supa Dam is built across Kali river in state of Karnataka in India. The dam is situated in Joida taluk of Uttar Kannada district. The power house at the foot of the dam has two electricity generators of fifty megawatts each. The electricity generated is supplied to different parts of Karnataka. The dam was built by Hindustan Steel Works Construction Limited (HSCL) and is now operated by KPCL. The power house was commissioned in 1985.

Supa Dam Dandeli
Back Water View

Back water view is near joida. You get a full glimps of dam water and you can watch sun rise and sunset. It is one of the good sight seeing spot were you can see the standing still water of the dam.This is one of the finest view of the river you can see anywhere in Karnataka. It is lovely to see the giant horn-bills gliding effortlessly from one side of the valley to the other.
Back Water View Dandeli
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